Money Hacks Challenge: Spend less

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Saving money doesn’t always mean having less fun or changing your lifestyle. By trying out a few simple tips, you can save money without making your life a pain. We put three young people to the test, to see if they could spend less on their bills, food and social life with a few small changes. Special thanks to Glen James of My Millennial Money, who gave us some budgeting tips.

Read the transcript here.

By simply changing providers, I can save over $120 throughout the year. Doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up.

Our top 3 money hacks:

1. Check up on your bills

  • If you do a bit of research and call up your internet/electricity/mobile providers, you can save heaps on your bills.
  • If you have a concession card, you can link it to your energy provider and potentially get around 15-17% off each bill.
  • You could also look into saving money by changing providers. 

2. Get smart about cooking

  • Saving money doesn’t mean you have to eat poorly. Great apps like Supercook will encourage you to learn new recipes while using all the stuff in your fridge at the same time.
  • Meal prepping can also save you a bunch of money. 

3. Find creative ways to hang out with friends

  • Online gaming, working out and board games are fun ways to hang out with friends without spending too much money.
  • Being in nature or exercising (e.g. going for walks together) is another way to have a good time without breaking the bank. 

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